Syd Paul's WV-2 Pictures

Copyright Syd Paul

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aps20 radar aboard wv2.jpg (45412 bytes) Circa 1957
ACO 4 and 5


Bear Cat.jpg (69469 bytes)In 1974, my friend Cdr. Lyle Shelton gave me this autographed picture of his world record Bear Cat which may or may not be of interest. I think he still owns it.


escort to midway 1958.jpg (43032 bytes) Wv- 2 escort to Midway Island 1958

crew4 cic.jpg (81103 bytes)CIC Plotter wv-2 Circa 1956

Ltjg Syd Paul Warn Star.jpg (28560 bytes)This was the only Lockheed factory painted Navy WV 2 Warning Star written
on the side.

snj formation.jpg (35705 bytes)Here is a picture I took when I was a Naval Cadet learning to fly formation out of NAS Saufley - Pensacola. 1955 Syd Paul


washing26.jpg (306264 bytes) One of the WV' s getting a wash job at NAS Barbers Point. VW -12 Sqdn


wv2 wheel brake fire and abort.jpg (82833 bytes)Wv-2 abort followed by wheel well fire Midway Isl. 1958



VW-12 Commissioning 1956.jpg (48546 bytes)Vw-12 Sqdn. Commissioning ceremony NAS Barber's Point 1956



vw-1 sqd wv2 over oriskney 4-16-54-1.jpg (63406 bytes) Official navy photo. taken in Hawaii of a VW-1  Sqdn  WV 2 flying over USS Oriskney returning from a tour of duty in Korea - 4-16-54