553rd Recon Wg




Photo by Brian Lockett

EC-121R 67-21496 in the Boneyard at DMAFB 1972


EC121R flying over SEA


CIM training a.JPG (96640 bytes) CIM Crew Training
A photo of myself and instructors from Otis AFB June of 1969 One of the instructors
was Paul Fait. I am the CIM operator on the left. Sgt Joe Slattery 553rd Recon Crew 15 1969-1970.

Crew 15a.JPG (108760 bytes) Crew 15 Taken at Korat RTAFB (Click on Pictures for High Res.)
Pictures Sgt Joe Slattery

Patches provided by Larry and Susan Westin
Larry was a sensor operator at Korat 1968 - 1969