Reunion Wrap-Up Letter



For three days at the beautifully restored old McClellan Air Force Base Officer’s Club now named LionsGate Hotel and Conference Center, retired members and their guests from the 552nd Airborne Early Warning and Control organization once base at this installation for 23 years enjoyed a “Last Hurrah Reunion.” From the feedback I have received and also those that have contacted my Reunion Committee, all had a good time.


Our sights are now set on future Reunions our successor unit, the 552nd ACW at Tinker AFB will host. I have suggested to the current commander of our successor unit that because a good number of 552nd AEW&C members still reside in the Greater Sacramento California area that they consider hosting Reunions at McClellan on an alternating basis.


Our sights are also set on the upcoming Navy-Air Force Reunion slated for September 15-18 at what was once Chanute AFB, Illinois. I think this is a reunion long overdue. I also have heard that a group pf folks from what was once ADC in Colorado Springs, Colorado are planning an ADC Reunion and that will be announced soon.


Then there is the 966th Reunion, which should be a great event for all to attend. And, what is that old saying “ local boy makes good?” Check out Deans web site that talks about our own Art Litche who rose from a  2nd Lt pilot to his soon to be assigned vice chief of staff for the Air Force position  and a 4th Star that goes with it.


Also watch Deans web site and expect a mailer announcing the sale of a Reunion Memory Book, which you can purchase.


So my dear friends, it was great seeing all of you once again and May God love and keep all of you and your loved ones safe, healthy and happy always. Best to all of you in all future endeavors.



George Martin, Reunion Chairman