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552nd AEW&C WING

552nd AEW&CON History 


552nd reunion 2005

551/552/553 WINGS joint reunion

551/552/553 WINGS joint reunion

966th AEW&C / Gold Digger

52-3417 Accident at McCoy 1965

55-0121 burning at Keflavik

54-2308 crash at McClellan

Article about 55-0121 in the
Aerospace Safety July 1978

EC-121T 52-3424

EC-121D 53-0539

EC-121D 53-3400

RC-121D 53-3400

EC-121T 53-3401

E3A and EC-121T

EC-121T internal configuration

RC-121C in San Francisco Bay

E3A and EC-121T (53-0548) at Kef.

Interview of Msgt Lloyd AVERY in Sacramento Union Feb 6, 1976

Wing Patches

Triple Nickel Article

Itazuke Ramp 1969

A Maintenance Officer Remembers the 552nd

Life Support

Air Defense Command by Don Born  

TRIPLE NICKEL AND COLLEGE EYE article revised April 2014 by Don Born

Unique missions flown by the 552nd  wing including Operation Dominic (Blue Straw)

Greased Lightening (B-58 speed record)

Charles Comstock  Remembrances of his time in the 965th

Hunting Russian Bears The wing's mission in Iceland 

Former 552nd Area   May 1999

Former 552nd Area 2   May 1999

Former Operations Squadron's Area   May 1999

McClellan buildings   May 1999

Coast Guard Air Station Sacramento  May 1999

Aerial View Of 552nd Complex   late 50s

55-0552  Pictures of Connie At McClellan

Interior of 55-0552

Interior of 53-0555

52-3424 being auctioned in 1980s at DM AFB

College Task Force

College Eye by Don Born

Big Eye/College Eye

College Eye (CHECO Report Extract)

College Eye -- Korat RTAFB 1970

MIG Kill

College Eye and Batcat Ramp
at Korat

388th TFW's Mascot at Korat

College Eye Crew Patches

College Eye  Big Eye     patches

12 Year combat Era Ends, Sentinel  Oct. 1973

End of College Eye, Sentinel July 1974

Audio Tape Recording of a SAR Mission



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Book Description
A revolutionary commercial propeller transport, the Lockheed Constellation burst on the aviation scene in the early 1940s. Unheralded for the most part due to wartime secrecy, it finally entered commercial service in 1946, and promptly set new standards for speed, range, reliability and passenger comfort.

The "Connie," as it was affectionately known, pioneered new flight paths in many parts of the globe. Connies ultimately flew commercially for more than thirty years, and underwent countless modifications and upgrades during that time. They continued to be utilized by the military as well; in fact, Connies were involved in a number of endeavors that remain shrouded in secrecy to this day.

This, then, is the story of a remarkable and distinctive airplane. It is also the story of the people who made the Constellation great, including aviation legends like Howard Hughes and Clarence "Kelly" Johnson. Most importantly, however, it is a story that sheds light on the dynamics of technology, politics and society over the course of four decades.

About the Author
Claude Luisada is a life-long aviation enthusiast, a past student pilot, a long-time member of the Civil Air Patrol and a freelance contributor to the first aerospace encyclopedia ever published. He currently resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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