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Reunion Dates: August 12 to August 15, 2010

Location: Museum of the US Air Force, Dayton (Wright Patterson AFB) Ohio

Hotel: Holiday Inn Fairborn, Ohio. Newly refurbished less than 15 minute to the Museum

Rates are going to be in the range of $99.00 per night plus tax. This is with the Breakfast Buffet.

Banquet: Catered by the Officers Club, in the Modern Flight Hanger of the Museum 6 PM to 10 PM. Seating between the B-52 and the C-124. EC-121D, 53-555 is directly behind the B-52 so you will not get oil on your dinner. Cash bar in the modern flight hanger.

The Gift shop is open to the reunion people from 5 PM to 6 PM. Bus shuttle service between the hotel and the museum will be arranged.


Tours of the Restoration and Presidential hangers will be offered. You must have photo ID to go on these tours.

Dress for the banquet is minimum of Business Casual, this is Museum rules. Note: The C-141 "Hanoi Taxi" is outside and WILL NOT BE OPENED until they have it inside and all the signatures of the POW"S from Hanoi are protected. Sorry we already tried to get it opened for some C-141 troops.

Yes the Connie will be opened as will several other aircraft.

For now that is all but I am working on a Registration form and I will have info for making hotel reservations soon. I will require the names of all who will be with you as the Green County Visitors Center will be making our name tags for us.


John & Margaret Loftus

609-386-1318 home

609-923-7260 cell


Holiday Inn Fairborn, Ohio

Dayton Attractions

Registration Form

Restoration Tour