52-3425 at Peterson AFB CO

This airplane flew as a RC\EC-121D and H with the 551st AEW&C at Otis AFB MA.
It was converted to into a EC-121T and  was assigned to the 552nd AEW&C
McClellan AFB. It ended it's service with the 79th AEW&C Homestead AFB

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Pictures copyright Alan Northrup


Aircraft 425 at Peterson AFB was moved to a new location last summer (2001).  It rests on a concrete pad along with the rest of the museum collection.  A contractor removed the tail about two months ago.  My understanding is the tail is being shipped to Tinker for overhaul.  The elevators had holes corroded completely through.  The lower rudders were severely damaged about 20 years ago when the plane sat on its tail as the result of snow and wind.